Who Are You – David Turner (Lunar Poetry Podcasts)

Who Are You?

Name: David Turner

Year of Birth: 1981

Place of Birth: London


In no more than six lines please describe what you do in “the poetry world.”
I am the founding editor of the Lunar Poetry Podcasts series. Since October 2014 I have produced a series of discussions, interviews and live recordings with over 200 poets in the UK and further afield. I also write poetry and at least twice a year I bother poetry magazine editors with poorly edited and hastily thrown together submissions.


Where do you live now?
Westbury, Wiltshire.


What puts a genuine smile on your face?
Talking to poets about their work.


What keeps you awake at night?
Worrying about the logistics of meeting poets in order to talk to them about their work.


Which living poet do you most admire?
I switch regularly between Melissa Lee-Houghton, Travis Alabanza and Donald Chegwin.


Which dead poet do you most admire?
Probably Rosemary Tonks at the moment.


What irritates you most about yourself?
Umm, er, you know, uh, sort of, I don’t know… constantly having to edit this nonsense out of my own speech on every episode.


What irritates you most about others? 
Not considering how their actions may affect others.


What has been your finest hour? 
Marrying my wife.


What’s your favourite indulgence? 
Ice cream… any kind and lots of it.


What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Toni Erdmann. I don’t do it often.


Politically, do you swing to the Left or to the Right?
Hard Left!


What is your favourite poem? 
Too difficult. The one I think of most fondly is Outside The Gates Of Eden by John Cotton which I read while at school and while it took me another 15 years to feel like I was ‘allowed’ to be involved with poetry I did feel like I understood it.


Where would you most like to go on holiday? 


Do you like shopping in malls? 


Least favourite kind of art event to go and see? 
Poetry. There isn’t much of a gap between love and hate… and pain.


How often do you write poetry?
Three to four times a year but intensively and exhaustively when I do.


How often do you read poetry?
Everyday. Everyday.


What single thing would make your artistic life easier?
Tories out.


Where do you want to be this time next year?
Anywhere but a psychiatric unit. After a few experiences of this in my life, retaining my mental health governs most decisions in my life.


Do you believe in life after a bad gig?
Fuck the audience.


Do you believe in life after death?
I’m beginning to become convinced this may all be a simulation so I’m no longer sure I believe in life before death.

How would you like to be remembered by the poetry world? 

As someone that shared his time and experiences so that others might feel as though they deserve to be part of all this nonsense.




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